When it’s half past somewhere It’s half past everywhere

We savor the moments when we don't have to worry about savoring anything. That's why we've created a drink that can turn any moment into an adventure. With clean ingredients, low sugar and calories, and balanced flavors, you can enjoy our seltzers literally anytime.

Made for a better whenever.

Think of Half Past as a gentle reminder that every moment is full of possibilities. Whether you’re trying to make friends at the afterparty, the dinner party, or the party of one, we got you.

More than a hard seltzer

Our recipes are founded on a question. How can we summon the spirit of a cocktail without the sugar and calories? You can drink one, three -- or six -- cans of Half Past without feeling like you just dove into the hellmouth.

Real juice. Vibrant Flavors.

quality Ingredients

We only add real juice, the highest quality ingredients and a premium alcohol from cold-fermented cane sugar.

Gluten Free

Bye-bye bloating. With our gluten-free recipe, you can enjoy Half Past with food, in the pool, or even post-marathon.

4.5% ABV

With optimal alcohol content, you -- and not the seltzer -- determine whether or not you wake up in the kitchen saying, “how the…?”