Pineapple with Clove
Pineapple with Clove
Pineapple with Clove
Pineapple with Clove

Pineapple, clove, and a dash of beach.

  • 4.5% abv

  • 12oz cans

  • Gluten free

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  • Details

    • The spiked seltzer’s answer to the tropical drink question
    • Contains real pineapple, passionfruit, lime juice, clove, allspice, and lemongrass
    • Loose and fruity, with a balance of flavors
    • Will (metaphorically) transport you to your favorite beach

  • Origins

    We were inspired by one of our favorite cocktail books to reinterpret a classic 1970’s era drink as a crushable, (or take the slow path, up to you) hard seltzer. Through tests, tests, and more tests, we were able to create a great excuse to throw a party. That means, you won’t have to pretend it’s your 70th birthday. You just have to tell your friends that you picked up some Half Past.

  • Vibe

    When you accidentally walk into the wrong party but make friends anyway. A dog that runs to you at the park instead of its owner. A night where you don’t make plans, but still dress in your best. A body of water, even if that water is in your bathtub.

  • Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

    • 110 Calories | 5g Carbohydrates |4g Sugar (0g Added Sugar)
    • Carbonated Water, Alcohol, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Passionfruit Juice, Lime Juice Concentrate, Organic Molasses, Organic Lime Extract, Natural Flavor (Agave), Lemongrass Extract, Clove Extract, Allspice Extract.

made for a better whenever

When you accidentally walk into the wrong party but make friends anyway.

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Got Questions?

  • Why did you make Half Past?

    We started Half Past because we love a great roadie and the power a good drink has to bring people together for good times and even greater memories. 

    In our quest to create the ideal to-go drink we sourced the best ingredients we could find and blended them in vibrant flavor combinations to make something more than a hard seltzer. 

    The result is Half Past - a drink that makes us feel good. It’s low sugar and low calorie, lightly boozy and always effervescent.

  • What’s in the can?

    Half Past is made by mixing sparkling water, real fruit juice, and high quality extracts with the cleanest fermented base available (more on that below). We believe in only using real ingredients and think that you should know exactly what is in your drink - you can find ingredients for each flavor on the respective product page.

  • Tell me more about the fermented base...

    The alcohol in Half Past is made by cold fermenting cane sugar with a high attenuation yeast to create a dry alcoholic beverage. It is then centrifugally filtered, which strips any background notes and leaves no residual carbs or sugars. Unlike beer, which is usually made by fermenting malted barley (a complex carbohydrate) or wheat, our alcohol base is naturally gluten free, making it a lighter and healthier alternative.

  • What are the stats? ABV, calories, carbs?

    Each 12 oz can is 4.5% ABV, and contains 110 calories with 4-5g of carbs. 

  • How many grams of sugar are in each can?

    There are between 4 and 5g of sugar in a 12 oz serving (one can), which all is completely naturally occurring from real fruit juice in Grapefruit with Rosemary, Ginger with Turmeric, and Pineapple with Clove. Our only mix with added sugar is Spicy Lime, which uses Organic Agave Nectar to give it that spicy margarita feel. 

    Ever wondered how all the seltzers out there claiming to use “real” or “legit” juice have no sugar? Yeah, us too. 

  • Does Half Past use any artificial sweeteners?

    We never use artificial sweeteners or coloring in any of our products. 

  • Is Half Past gluten free?

    Yes, all of our mixes are gluten free.

  • Is Half Past vegan?

    All our mixes are vegan. Pineapple with Clove does use a little bit of organic molasses, which isn’t always vegan-friendly. However, our supplier has confirmed that it does not contain nor is it processed with any animal products or by-products.

  • Does Half Past need to be refrigerated?

    All of our products are shelf stable, but are best enjoyed cold. We suggest popping it in the fridge once it arrives so you can enjoy ASAP.

  • Why do I have to buy in 24-can increments?

    Currently, the outer boxes we ship our products in fit 24-cans. Any less, and the likelihood of damage is just too high. You can mix and match to 24-cans anyway you’d like - 2 twelve packs, 4 six-packs, one twelve pack and two six packs.