Spicy Lime
Spicy Lime
Spicy Lime
Spicy Lime

Lime, Cayenne, and Sweet Basil -- for a bite and a kick.

  • 5% abv

  • 12oz cans

  • Gluten free

  • Details

    • An optimal ratio of warmth and tartness
    • Contains cayenne, real lime juice, sweet basil, and our signature brew 
    • A margarita that ditched its liquor for some heat, bubbles, and a good time
    • A battle royale between sweet, spicy, and sour that ends in a satisfying stalemate
  • Origins

    We wanted to flip the wildly popular combination of lime and spice on its head, so we created a new holy trinity as the foundation of our recipe: lime, cayenne, and basil. It took a little bit -- okay, a lot -- of obsession, recalculation, and ingredient negotiation to get it right. You might have a go-to lime beverage, but our bias doesn’t affect our truth: this drink will be your new main squeeze.

  • Vibe

    That satisfying pucker that only comes from something tart. A dance party at 4p.m. in your best friend’s living room. A perfectly temperate day where anything seems possible, or a cold day spent dreaming of summertime. A drink served in a Margarita glass that would typically come in a pint. A little heat in an unexpected place.  

Made for a better whenever

A, “my liquor store run just turned into a backyard BBQ” moment.