We mix whole juice and real ingredients with the cleanest fermented base available, brewed from pure cane sugar. The result is the only seltzer that actually feels as good to drink as it tastes.


Our recipes are founded on a question. How can we summon the spirit of a cocktail without the sugar and calories? You can drink one, three -- or six -- cans of Half Past without feeling like you just dove into the hellmouth; unless you're Buffy.


Think of Half Past as a gentle reminder that every moment is full of possibilities. Whether you’re trying to make friends at the afterparty, the dinner party, or the party of one, we got you.

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If you’re doing the math, you’re right. Half Past means now is the perfect time for a little joy.

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If happiness is a State of Mind, Half Past is the Governor. Our drinks are created using whole ingredients, balanced flavors, and thoughtful execution. We’re bringing a twist to your friend’s table. Or to your Wednesday. Or to the train.

We set out to make Half Past an original, delicious, and exciting refreshment that would ultimately redefine your concept of the “Hard Seltzer.”

With high quality ingredients and real fruit juice, our seltzers pack the delicate craft of cocktail mixing into a bubbly refreshment that can accompany you anywhere. We believe in making the most of your when, regardless of the where.